Web Design – Campaign Sites

Millenials Campaign

Link to the Landing Page

Campaign Purpose: To promote private label brands through seven different food experiences. Each food experience was given its own color scheme, which I used to brand them individually, while using consistent placement and styling to tie the overall campaign together.

Result: The landing page was used to promote the recipe and video of each experience as well as to direct customers to the store locator so that they could buy the ingredients that they would need for the recipes at their local store.

Organics Campaign

Link to the Landing Page

Campaign Purpose: To promote organic options to customers who regularly search for or buy organic items. I was responsible for creating the responsive landing page for the campaign.

Result: The landing page was tied to the digital ads by using the consistent “get emojional” theme with the accompanying emojis. It was also largely designed around the mobile user as they were the intended audience.


Fuel Center Grand Openings

Page Purpose: To promote new fuel center openings and provide the user with the center’s location, easy access to directions, and any grand opening specials.

Result: I designed a template that can easily be adapted for all current and future fuel center openings. The information is tiered so users can easily locate and get directions to the center first and then be able to view the center’s specials.